What does the Winter Sports Park Mean to you?

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As a parent and resident of Petoskey it is important to have a safe place for our kids to hang out, play and have fun in our community. Through the years my kids have utilized ALL the amenities offered: sledding, skating, soccer, flag football, t-ball, kids camp and just playing fetch with our dog. I find the opportunity to enhance the facility very exciting.

Becky Philipp-Kranig Owner/President
Bearcub Outfitters, Inc. 321 E. Lake St. Petoskey, MI 49770

Although I grew up downstate, my mother’s sister and her family lived in Petoskey. Consequently, we regularly came up to Petoskey in the winter. What fun it was to walk to the Winter Sports Park with sled in tow and skates hanging on my shoulder! I fondly remember having cold toes and freezing fingers and going into the shed that had benches around the perimeter of the building with a pot belly stove in the middle. My ties to Petoskey, however, extended beyond winter weekends because my parents had a cottage in Bay view. For the most part at that time, there was not much in the way of activities-at the Sports Park in the summer, but it was still fun to go there and run around.

And then I grew up and had a family of my own. My children experienced the same winter and summer relationship with the sports park. And, then, my children had families of their own. Their children are now having those same experiences.

Dr. Jane Millar

I have been a life long resident of the Petoskey Area, some 82 years. I can attest to the fact that the Winter Sports Park has always been a key recreational asset for the community.  It has been used by myself, my children , and grandchildren.  Adding the Pavilion will definitely increase the value of this recreational  asset and will extend it use through the year.

John H. Parker

We live a couple of blocks from the Winter Sports Park and walk through the Park year round.  Certainly there is lots of activity in the winter months……families sledding and skating, as well as organized activities, such as hockey.  It is Petoskey’s shining jewel during the winter season.  The Park is used for walks, soccer games and Frisbee during the summer months.  A pavilion will allow the city to offer additional recreational programming, such as day camp and other events.  This would increase usage of the already well used Park and enhance the wonderful quality of life in Petoskey and the surrounding area.

Neil T. Bidwell

Our family began using the Winter Sports Park over 30 years ago when our son began speed skating and youth hockey and both our son and daughter loved using the sledding hill.  Additionally I (Jim) played adult hockey on the outdoor rink as there was no indoor ice facility at the time. 

The ice surface as marginal at times because there was no covering over it and frequently we had to shovel the falling snow off of it between periods and the sun had a tendency to melt the ice along the boards thereby making that part of the rink dangerous to skate on.  Having a covering over the rink will certainly help alleviate both of those situations in addition to creating more use during the warmer months. 

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Winter Sports Park with our 6 year old granddaughter and friends from Okemos to enjoy the free outdoor winter activities provided by the City of Petoskey.  Our friends were amazed at the quality of the facilities and were impressed by our description of the future plans for improvements at the Park.

Jim and Sandy Wibby